25 December 2008

English Corner: Spelling

Thursday, December 25, 2008 by Chelo · 4 comments
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Almost everyone in the Philippines owns a cell phone - from the sophisticated executive to the street vendors. In this day and age, it is a necessity. Thankfully, the cell phone has made communications easier and conveying & receiving messages are literally at our fingertips. Why, even children 7-8 years old use cell phones.

The down side to this is the deterioration of spelling & grammar of everyone, especially the youth. Acronyms replace full spelling in an attempt to squeeze in letters in one "send". English teachers are up in arms, parents are worried, and students...do not care.

I have made a quiet resolution to use full spelling as much as I can afford the time. When sending text messages to students, I spell out the words. Non-negotiable.

Just like using the right utensil for eating, impeccable English proficiency is becoming rare among Filipino youth. Let's help do something about it.

09 December 2008

Tumblers by Tes

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 by Chelo · 1 comments
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My friend, Tes Tirol, came up to me and told me about some ballet tumblers she designed & asked if I wanted to help sell them to ballet students. I've been extremely busy (when was I ever not???) and so I diplomatically said, "Ok, let's see it."

Her husband, Rean, brought the tumblers and, lo and behold, oh, they are the prettiest ballet tumblers I have ever seen, in pink & lavander hues.

And, what's more, they're only P300 each!!! Steal, really.

Ssssh! Tes has other products soon to be out in the market, too. I told husband & wife to hurry up because I was not quite done with Christmas shopping.

If you love ballet items, just email Tes: tes.tirol@gmail.com.

Love the tumblers, Tes! Can't wait for the rest of the items!

01 December 2008

Philippine Ballet Theatre's ANDRES

Monday, December 01, 2008 by Chelo · 1 comments
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Philippine Ballet Theater presented "Andres", the story of one of our Philippine heroes, Andres Bonifacio set to dance. It was shown on the last weekend of November at the CCP Main Theater.

I enjoyed the show, seeing it from the eyes of a Filipino. Admittedly, the younger dancers were "young" in their acting, perhaps, not having experienced too many moments of angst enough to capture the pain of our countrymen of old. Nevertheless, the tableaux, not just the literal one, did its job.

I was proud to see my student, Charmaine Bianca Perez, now several performances more mature. Her technique, of course, was flawless, as is so Bianca.

I was disturbed that the audience was not as numerous as the show deserved. No matter what justification goes behind the scenes, the many empty chairs speak for themselves.

Congratulations Philippine Ballet Theater. May our countrymen love the Philippines and our culture because of your efforts.

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