17 January 2009

Life 101 Corner: Ballerina Princess

Saturday, January 17, 2009 by Chelo · 3 comments
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She started dancing ballet in her primary years. Quiet girl with sleepy eyes. Consistent honor student. Never missed a class except during exams, and always, with permission. Ballet-wise, her technique was clean. Beautiful dancer, inside & out. Her admirers are countless. Children adore her.

The terror that I am as a ballet director, it was she who composed the text messages to say that she & her classmates would miss my class for this or that-related school requirement. They all knew that with her, I would acquiesce.

There was something about this girl: everything was proper, everything was in place. Her love for God most especially striking: she lived the Word and still does. I told her that her destiny was to sit with kings - the halls of high-level leadership. I was not surprised that out of hundreds who applied for the United World Colleges scholarships last year, she was awarded the post for New Mexico, USA. And when she finally flew off last September, her dorm turned out to be, prophetically, a literal castle!

In my last ballet recital, she played the role of ESTHER, the biblical queen who came to royal position for such a time as the Jews needed a voice to plead their lives to the King. Today, we have a young Esther training in the halls of UWC and we await the fulfillment of her destiny to be the voice for God's people in her future place of assignment. And, who knows, she might just marry into royal lineage?

Laura Angeline Pastores. Daughter of the King. Destined for greatness.

01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 01, 2009 by Chelo · 4 comments
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I like New Year. First, it allows me to leave behind all the disappointments, failures, and hurts of the past year and face the new one with hope, excitement, and faith. Second, I like things that are new - new seasons, new goals, new plans.... They take on a deeper meaning because they are "new" in the sense that they come forth from the lessons of the past. And third, the festive air welcomes my soul into a vast avenue of endless possibilities.

Despite the bleakness that the newspapers and television offer day in & day out, I look forward to a great 2009. No matter how daunting it gets, I am challenged to rise to the occasion. I am just about ready for the bite.


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